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Wilson, Reives & Silverman

Wilson, Reives & Silverman formed in 1978, when William Wilson moved to Sanford, NC to start a law practice. Two decades later, Robert Reives joined Mr. Wilson to form Wilson & Reives Law Firm. Mr. Silverman joined the firm in 2017 and Wilson, Reives & Silverman was established.

Mr. Wilson decided to move from Apex to Sanford to expand his ability to serve clients. When he was beginning his career as an attorney in Apex, he was either related to or knew most of the people in the town. Sanford provided the opportunity to practice law for more people. Since establishing the law firm, Mr. Wilson has watched the area grow in size, economy and opportunity.

Wilson, Reives & Silverman itself has grown over the past 30 years. The firm now serves Sanford, Apex and Moore, Chatham, Harnett and Lee counties. The attorneys and staff at both the Sanford and Apex office locations work with the people in those communities every day on a variety of legal cases and claims.

Wilson, Reives & Silverman Wilson, Reives & Silverman