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TLC Car Rental

There are hundreds of private for-hire drivers and companies operating under the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission umbrella. TLC Car Rental and Financing takes pride in being to provide many of these business entities with the quality cars and trucks they need to keep themselves in business and take care of their families.

We believe that every driver with an entrepreneurial spirit and every for-hire vehicle company deserves a competitive advantage and that's just what we provide with our exceptional inventory of quality, low-mileage cars.

At TLC Car Rental and Financing, we pride ourselves on being to offer our customers quality vehicles for however long they need them. Whether they need a specialized vehicle for a few weeks for special routes and they want to add to their existing fleet, we are prepared to offer budget-friendly agreements on TLC rentals that work best for them.

We also offer lease to own agreements for drivers who are interested in taking ownership of their cars after a specific number of year. Talk to our experienced and qualified rental specialists to learn more about what we can do for you.

TLC Car Rental TLC Car Rental
TLC Car Rental TLC Car Rental TLC Car Rental

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