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Soteri is a renowned company that helps you protect your organization from data leaks and other security threats. We help in identifying and restricting any unusual or dangerous changes. With our security scanning, we help in detecting accidentally added confidential information such as credentials, API keys, SSH keys, and passwords. We also run a security audit of the content already uploaded, and present you with an interactive security scan report. You can download these scan findings to identify threats to your organization. We place hooks at integral points in the system to reject any dangerous content changes. With Soteri defining your own rules for system scanning is a breeze. We also provide built-in rules for common credential leaks, such as SSH keys and API tokens. Soteri provides you with a holistic approach to protecting your sensitive information, especially those secrets that are at a higher risk of being exploited by attackers. We also make consistent efforts to prevent you from new leaks. For more details about Bitbucket and Confluence security scanning and audit services, visit our site at

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