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MBS Engineering

President and Founder, Brian James, one of six, started his first business at the age of ten. As a child, Brian lived in an area where he could get scrap pieces of metal, which he turned into pot holders. Because welding was involved - a potential danger - Brian had to make sure his work area was safe. It was at this young age that safety became important to him.
Jump forward 35 years - and Brian saw an opportunity to save lives with an early version of an automatic gas safety valve. This valve was called an 'excess flow valve'. It was a simple device that shuts the gas off when a gas line breaks, like in an earthquake. After spending a year trying to figure out what to do with this valve, he met someone that said, "Stop working on the business side of it, try to save as many lives as you can".
With experience in the areas of innovative gas line technology, gas infrastructure upgrades, emergency gas leak repair, temporary bypass solutions, state-of-the-art gas leak detection, natural gas safety programs, and first-hand experience of the dangers and risks specific to natural gas systems - MBS Engineering has emerged as authorities on the topic of gas line safety, system maintenance, disaster prevention, and gas system design and construction.
In the last decade, MBS Engineering has installed more gas seismic shutoff valves than anybody in the state of California, completed thousands of gas leak repairs, surveyed