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Livetecs offers reliable work time tracker software. Small and medium-sized businesses are our primary emphasis. It's used for time tracking, employee leave management, time report creation, invoice generation, and a variety of other tiresome tasks associated with running a business daily. It has all of the functionality that one would expect from a time management program. Many useful customization options are available, as well as handy permission-based user roles, the ability to monitor staff timesheets, advanced reports, client access, integration of leave schedules and timesheets, and much more. It's also a useful tool for keeping track of employee absences. There is a personal leave calendar as well as a leave calendar for all employees, both of which require approval. With simple work time monitoring software, you can simply cut staff costs, boost project visibility, and stay on budget. Because our program is so user-friendly, you can keep track of your working hours on your phone or laptop, authorize staff working hours fast, and generate reports that make managing project budgets and scheduling employee time a breeze. TimeLive provides immediate answers to your business issues. For more details, connect to us at +1-888-666-8154.

work time tracking work time tracking