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Photo Album - Juego Studios

#1. GPS Treasure App

Juego Studios developed GPS Treasure Hunt, a geo-location based promotional app with AR features that leads users on a scavenger hunt for real prizes. The app places virtual treasures at a particular location which is revealed to users via a series of clues.

GPS Treasure App GPS Treasure App

#2. Road Fighter

Juego Studios has developed a cross-platform social chat app for instant messaging, gaming, voice and video communication.

Road Fighter Road Fighter

#3. Card & Poker Games

Designed for iOS and Android, Card War is similar to popular card and gambling games like poker or teen patti. Players place bets on their cards. Each player can up the ante, but once the ante is set, it can't be lowered.

Card & Poker Games Card & Poker Games

#4. Games for Casinos

Online casino games need to create the same thrill and glamour of the physical casino. Casino game developers focus on recreating the real-life experience of the casino on small 2D screens to effectively engage users. Juego Studios has worked on a number of casino themed games for various platforms.

Games for Casinos Games for Casinos

#5. A fantasy sports betting app

Juego Studios developed Suribet, a betting app to be used in companion with the Suribet online web portal. Suribet offers users the option of placing bets from their smartphones using both real and virtual money. Registered users get access to live scores and simulations of popular sporting events from around the world. As they watch the games unfold, they can place bets on outcomes or even notable events in the game.

A fantasy sports betting app A fantasy sports betting app