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Integrative Health Services LLC

Integrative health
Holistic wellness
Alternative medicine
Complementary therapies
Mind-body healing
Functional medicine
Naturopathic medicine
Welcome to Integrative Health Services of Birmingham, where healing and growth
converge to bring harmony back to your relationships and family dynamics. As a
leading counseling center with a legacy of over 60 years of combined experience, our
team of highly qualified and licensed counselors and clinical social workers is
committed to providing exceptional care to individuals and families in the
Birmingham region.
At Integrative Health Services, we understand that family and relationship dynamics
can present unique challenges that may hinder individuals from living their best lives.
With a deep passion for helping clients overcome difficult topics and taboo issues, we create a safe and welcoming space for open dialogue, free from judgment.

Our comprehensive range of services is thoughtfully designed to address the diverse
needs of our clients in Birmingham and beyond. Whether it's family counseling,
marriage and relationship counseling, individual therapy, or play therapy for children,
our personalized approach ensures that each client receives the care and support
tailored to their specific needs.

Integrative Health Services LLC Integrative Health Services LLC