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Photo Album - 3240 N Lake Shore Drive - Wirtz Residential

3240 N Lake Shore Drive - Wirtz Residential

Directly across from picturesque Lake Michigan sits 3240 N Lake Shore Drive; a luxurious vintage property right in the heart of Lakeview East with sweeping lake views and instant access to Lake Shore Drive and the lakefront paths.

03_3240NSheridanRd_10001_LivingRoom_HiRes 03_3240NSheridanRd_10001_LivingRoom_HiRes
03_3240NSheridanRd_10001_LivingRoom_HiRes 04_3240NSheridanRd_114_Lobby_HiRes 05_3240NSheridanRd_177001_Kitchen_HiRes 08_3240NSheridanRd_13_MasterBathroom_HiRes 10_3240NSheridanRd_332_FitnessCenter_HiRes

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