Macon, GA Metro Area

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Language Spoken At Home in Macon
*Base on 2012 Data
Population 5 years and over216,442100%
English only207,06895.7%
Language other than English9,3744.3%
   Speak English less than very well3,5221.6%
      Speak English less than very well2,1231.0%
   Other Indo-European languages2,4091.1%
      Speak English less than very well6460.3%
   Asian and Pacific Islander languages1,5780.7%
      Speak English less than very well6710.3%
   Other languages5310.2%
      Speak English less than very well820.0%

Ancestry in Macon
*Base on 2012 Data
Total population232,259100%
  French (except Basque)2,7491.2%
  French Canadian2680.1%
  Subsaharan African2,2191.0%
  West Indian (excluding Hispanic origin groups)9810.4%
Households By Type in Macon
*Base on 2012 Data
Total households84,952100%
  Family households (families)57,40767.6%
     With own children under 18 years23,52227.7%
     Married-couple family37,64344.3%
        With own children under 18 years13,29815.7%
     Male householder, no wife present, family3,8294.5%
        With own children under 18 years1,4791.7%
     Female householder, no husband present, family15,93518.8%
        With own children under 18 years8,74510.3%
  Nonfamily households27,54532.4%
     Householder living alone23,70727.9%
        65 years and over8,1609.6%
  Households with one or more people under 18 years27,88332.8%
  Households with one or more people 65 years and over21,83025.7%
  Average household size30%
  Average family size30%
Relationship in Macon
*Base on 2012 Data
Population in households224,157100%
  Other relatives20,7669.3%
     Unmarried partner3,2801.5%
Marital Status in Macon
*Base on 2012 Data
Males 15 years and over86,681100%
  Never married31,53536.4%
  Now married, except separated40,78047.0%
  Females 15 years and over97,672100%
  Never married30,73031.5%
  Now married, except separated40,28241.2%
Fertility in Macon
*Base on 2012 Data
Number of women 15 to 50 years old who had a birth in the past 12 months3,012100%
  Unmarried women (widowed, divorced, and never married)1,55651.7%
     Per 1,000 unmarried women450%
  Per 1,000 women 15 to 50 years old520%
     Per 1,000 women 15 to 19 years old340%
     Per 1,000 women 20 to 34 years old990%
     Per 1,000 women 35 to 50 years old180%
Grandparents in Macon
*Base on 2012 Data
Number of grandparents living with own grandchildren under 18 years6,307100%
  Responsible for grandchildren3,15750.1%
        Less than 1 year64610.2%
        1 or 2 years5909.4%
        3 or 4 years4797.6%
        5 or more years1,44222.9%
  Number of grandparents responsible for own grandchildren under 18 years3,157100%
  Who are female2,09066.2%
  Who are married2,00063.4%
School Enrollment in Macon
*Base on 2012 Data
Population 3 years and over enrolled in school62,616100%
  Nursery school, preschool4,1226.6%
  Elementary school (grades 1-8)26,09741.7%
  High school (grades 9-12)12,74120.3%
  College or graduate school16,26126.0%
Educational Attainment in Macon
*Base on 2012 Data
Population 25 years and over151,452100%
  Less than 9th grade8,2705.5%
  9th to 12th grade, no diploma18,86912.5%
  High school graduate (includes equivalency)51,80634.2%
  Some college, no degree32,09221.2%
  Associate's degree8,8995.9%
  Bachelor's degree20,47013.5%
  Graduate or professional degree11,0467.3%
  Percent high school graduate or higher082.1%
  Percent bachelor's degree or higher020.8%
Veteran Status in Macon
*Base on 2012 Data
Civilian population 18 years and over173,982100%
  Civilian veterans17,46510.0%
Disability Status Of The Civilian Noninstitutionalized Population in Macon
*Base on 2012 Data
Total Civilian Noninstitutionalized Population227,098100%
  With a disability31,89914.0%
Under 18 years57,866100%
  With a disability2,8174.9%
18 to 64 years139,785100%
  With a disability17,81912.7%
65 years and over29,447100%
  With a disability11,26338.2%
Residence 1 Year Ago in Macon
*Base on 2012 Data
Population 1 year and over229,424100%
  Same house191,66883.5%
  Different house in the U.S.36,88016.1%
     Same county22,3989.8%
     Different county14,4826.3%
        Same state10,4774.6%
        Different state4,0051.7%
Place Of Birth in Macon
*Base on 2012 Data
Total population232,259100%
     Born in United States223,74196.3%
        State of residence177,51676.4%
        Different state46,22519.9%
     Born in Puerto Rico, U.S. Island areas, or born abroad to American parent(s)1,5180.7%
  Foreign born7,0003.0%
U.S. Citizenship Status in Macon
*Base on 2012 Data
Foreign-born population7,000100%
  Naturalized U.S. citizen3,21145.9%
  Not a U.S. citizen3,78954.1%
Year of Entry in Macon
*Base on 2012 Data
Population born outside the United States8,518100%
    Entered 2010 or later785.1%
    Entered before 20101,44094.9%
  Foreign born7,000100%
    Entered 2010 or later5127.3%
    Entered before 20106,48892.7%
World Region Of Birth Of Foreign Born in Macon
*Base on 2012 Data
Foreign-born population, excluding population born at sea7,000100%
  Latin America3,22446.1%
  Northern America1812.6%